Chicken vs. Egg: Happiness vs. The Smile

At Horizon Dental, we take smiling seriously. It matters. If you are hesitant to laugh out loud or flash a smile because your teeth are embarrassing or simply less than perfect, it truly affects your health in very real and important ways. How so?

The simple act of smiling does incredible things. New research has proven that smiling creates happiness. Yes. You read that right. The simple act of smiling literally creates happiness. Seems backward right? Yes. However it's not only the reasons for your smile but also the actual physical act of smiling that tells your brain to release endorphins--the feel good hormone. Those chemicals not only discourage depression but they heal your body. As the Bible says, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." We always knew that right? Now researchers have proven it.

So let's fix that smile and fix your body and soul at the same time.


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