Top Ten Reasons Why Dental Health is Mental Health

Smiling can get you a job. Make you seem more trustworthy. More intelligent. Appear warmer and more likable. Smiling is serious business. It affects the quality of your life in innumerable and sometimes subtle ways. At Horizon Dental we think that fixing your smile is also fixing you. Here are are few tidbits researchers have discovered regarding the power of the smile.

1. It's contagious. You feel better as do others who then spread that magic along.

2. It lengthens your life-span. The intensity of a smile in a photograph correlates with longevity. Imagine.

3. When others see you smile, it activates a part of their brains that feels like they are being rewarded.

4. When you smile at someone, they have to actively try to not smile back. Talk about mind control.

5. Smiling lowers your heart rate.

6. Even forced smiles release endorphins: You can get a runner's high without even running.

7. More immunity. More White Blood Cells. Less disease. Hospitalized children who were engaged with puppets and books and happiness had higher white blood cells to fight illness.

8. Smile makes you feel more comfortable in new surrounds.

9. When it comes to leadership techniques, smiling is more important than management skills.

10. Smiling makes you appear more trustworthy.

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